Nicola MacGregor

I am a warm and friendly counsellor with a passion to help others move from surviving to thriving. Located in East Kilbride, I can help you understand patterns of behaviour driven by unconscious emotional needs which may be affecting your relationships and emotional wellbeing, and ultimately leading to anxiety and lack of connection with yourself. The focus in my counselling work is to offer acceptance, honesty and to develop understanding for your circumstance.

I see my role, as your counsellor to provide consistency in my approach to help create safety and trust between us. I will not lead or guide you, I will offer observations based on training and knowledge and help provide you with understanding of this. This will be done with the intention of helping you become more emotionally regulated and empower you to make choices in life which are right for you.

I would describe myself as someone who places importance on the centrality of my relationship with a client. As a counsellor, and human being, I believe in people, and that given time, a safe space and valued as an equal in the counselling work, you will find the strength and understanding to navigate your way from surviving to thriving.


Mob: 07810 382769

BACP Registration 397666