About Me

Nicola MacGregor

The thought of counselling can be daunting, being vulnerable about your feelings with a stranger can be scary. I have been there, I know what it is like.

I would like to make myself vulnerable with you, to give you an indication of where I have come from…

I consider my past experience and childhood to be that of an adverse nature. Growing up and not feeling good enough, no idea of what direction I was going in, and I went in many! Working in the NHS, I always enjoyed helping folk. This gave me a sense of worth. I came to realise that this was because I had always felt ‘not good enough’. My own counselling experience resulted in my accepting and loving these parts of myself that I had for so long, been trying to run away from. I did not know this was where my true value lay, and it was there all along. I only had to be willing and open to give counselling a try and trust soon began to grow between myself and my counsellor. My difficult road led to a beautiful destination.

If you have a willingness to be vulnerable with myself in a trusting relationship, I am confident that you too can find your own beautiful destination.